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"No place on earth is either vaster or more foreign to man. It only takes one of its movements, one of its murmurs, for a feeling of deep intensity to overwhelm us. So majestic, so formidable and yet so fragile, the ocean, as it ebbs and flows, writes a new story every day."

From the rough seas of the Shetland Islands, to the deep blue waters of Scandinavia and the beaches of Brittany, this series of images is the result of a passionate work of several years.

"There is a time when the world plunge into darkness and silence, and the elements will melt in bluish shades declining towards the depths of the night. Twilight is a delicate time where everything is metamorphosed. Both the landscape and the eyes of the traveller, lost in the night, are silently contemplating the advent of the black. Attracted by the last light of the day, our eyes look hard at the changing shapes of clouds, the changing silhouettes of trees, lost in reflections, then get lost in the dark..."


At the border of night, at dawn or dusk, sweet gleams released the landscape of the shadows. The sweet light of the moon in a misty morning, the last rays of the sun caressing the already cold ground, waltz of the aurora borealis, all these fairy lights through their rarities make a jewel in a blue cocoon.

Flying toward the immensity of clouds, diving into the waves, hopping from branches to another or leaving the darkness of the forest, birds always fascinate and amaze us.

This serie of black and white pictures devoted to European avifauna (France, Shetland, Iceland, Denmark, Norway,...) introduce the Envol exhibition who was presented for the first time in France during april 2013.

The cloud and mountain form a single shape, sea responds to takeoffs birds, the calm of the lake allows the earth to contemplate the sky in the mirror...

All forms are mixed, plunging us into a world of abstraction where all the elements are linked.

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The series of images "Horizons" is an extension of the work carried out on the series "Ocean". The photographer focuses more on the movement of the sea, its textures and colors. It is a tribute to this astonishing and inspiring expanse of the ocean. Like its subject and its infinite movements, this gallery will continue to evolve ...